Words Are Often Useless

by Dear Seattle

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Debut Release from Dear Seattle.


released November 17, 2013

Recorded at The Brain Recording Studios; Produced by Clayton Segelov with help from Fletcher Matthews, Liam Moses and more.

EP artwork by Jack Steel.



all rights reserved


Dear Seattle Sydney, Australia

Established in August 2013

"Words Are Often Useless" EP (2013) Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at The Brain Studios by Clayton Segelov

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Track Name: Ascending
As I ascend towards the sky, can I look back and say I'm fine?
As I ascend from this house, will I know that what I've done will be treasured?
Did I make an impact? Did I make you proud?
Have I done all I can? Is the end truly the end?

(I know that my existence will fade, but on that day will my shadow remain the same? Will it leave in the same way that my empty body decays?)
I have lost my faith in the planets colliding.
There will be no extravagant sound.
The world will remain bitter and cold.
Track Name: Shards
The plaster cries from the cracks on my skin -
The need of burns deep within.
I've done all i can in the face of misery,
If i do this deed please set me free.

(I never wanted to be what you wanted me to be)
And i guess there's the point, i've always tried to make.
(I never wanted to be what you want of me)

And god, have i craved just a little adjustment, but every time I try to adjust
It'll always bring me back to them;
To that house with the doors all shaped and contorted to welcome me,
And i know, this is home.
And i know, all the things that i did when i was young,
But this is, this is home.

(These shattered pieces in my mind, and these shattered people in my life)

Cos I remember what it felt like when things used to be okay,
(I thought maybe i could get away from home)
but now it's getting hard to know that things aren't gonna get better for days.
Track Name: I Can See You're Hollow
You slip right through the cracks in this hideout,
With added ease from your spineless back.
And you're transparency won't pass, cos I can see your hollow,
but fighting me won't soothe the pain in the lies you swallow.

To the man in the middle
Don't you dare speak my name
I've come so far but learnt that nothing else matters
And that there's no point to try
I want to grow just to feel remorse
But the cracks will show that its all too old.

You slip right through the cracks in this hideout,
With added ease from your spineless back.

When I get out of this there will be a masquerade,
Of escape from manipulation and finally time to grow.
I felt a pulse on the back of your neck,
beating out of time and creating a false intention

And all I wanted to be was something where my friends would love me
And it gets so hard to see time evolve the ones we used to care for.

Your judging eyes and your aching heart,
Your hatred and lies; It's breaking me.