by Fresh Nelson & Dear Seattle

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A split EP release by two Australian melodic hardcore bands.


released June 23, 2014

Recorded, Produced and Mastered at The Brain Recording Studios by Clayton Segelov and Fletcher Matthews.



all rights reserved


Dear Seattle Sydney, Australia

Established in August 2013

"Words Are Often Useless" EP (2013) Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at The Brain Studios by Clayton Segelov

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Track Name: Keep Moving On - Dear Seattle
I heard a sound,
Blinded by light,
Splinters in my ears that would drag me to the ground,
Spectres that were floating and dancing around my head
I will stay silent,
As they’re cancelling out clear conscience,
Our stable minds

You’ve turned into a shell,
Of what you once were,
And I hate it
I can’t stand,
How you’ve changed,
And I hate it

(And I hate it)

And I appreciate everything I am
(and I hate it)
And life will keep moving on
(and I hate it)
Until we are dust and bone

The darkest place to be,
Is right in front of me

This life is so much more,
Than you take it for,
And the darkest place to be,
Is right in front of me,
And all these memories,
Mean nothing anymore

You will evaporate in time,
Time, it takes a strength hidden to move on
I have detached myself from any single move you make
So for once I can sleep with no one to bother me

Time will show,
We will grow,
Till the day we’re dust and bone
(Echoes, echoes of silence, silence and nothing, nothing but pain and misery)
Track Name: You Won't Feel A Thing - Dear Seattle
I can’t find the strength to say that you’re gonna be okay. I don’t want to lie that way. Pencil shavings coat my teeth, but the lead inside tastes more like blood to me. There’s a knife inside of me, and it’s twisting ever so slowly, slowly it seems. So please, just let me know, what it is like to be ‘safely’ put to sleep.

Days become months, and I’ve never felt more alone. Just for one second I remember what it’s like for you to be home, but we have to save you from this pain. It cripples me to see your fragile heart in strain.

Cos I don’t wanna know that pain is your last memory.
Cos I don’t wanna know that pain is your memory.
Cos I don’t wanna know that pain is your last memory.

Who’s to say this is for the best, when the lines are blurred and the veins on my chest are swollen by the fear of death? Like the needles in your leg or the water in your lungs, I will be your last memory.